Experts in Relocation Management and Age-in-Place Services for                                                                                    Seniors and Busy Families

Moving is one of the most stressful times in our lives. Determining whether this is the right time to move and where, then downsizing, sorting, packing, contacting a mover, preparing the new home: it is a daunting process. Good Moves, Inc. ™ eases the stress and calms the chaos.

As a certified Age-in-Place specialist, we can help families the week before a move or long before a move needs to be considered.  If  you’re starting to feel your home is not meeting your needs, Good Moves, Inc. can review your home’s ability to meet your current and future needs. As a result of this consultation, you and your family will be better prepared to choose between “Should I stay, or should I go?”.  The assessment will consider your safety first and then incorporate your style and comfort needs. The resulting report will give you a better idea of what changes and costs you might need to consider to stay in your home.  Or if you decide to move…

Locally owned and operated, Good Moves, Inc. ™ helps you move across town or across the country. Its core principal was honed in a background of social psychology and counseling. Good Moves, Inc. ™ is a certified member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, and is honored by its Circle of Service award.

If you are a seasonal resident of if your move is temporary, Good Moves, Inc. ™ can help with all the details. We provide services as needed, manage utilities hookup and disconnect, provide property oversight…even if you are out of town or are otherwise unavailable. We even clean out and stock refrigerators.

Naples Senior Relocation Services

senior-relocation-services-naples-flGood Moves, Inc. ™ manages your move from start to finish:

  • De-cluttering/downsizing with you
  • Coordinating Shipping
  • Finding an appropriate outlet to sell selected items
  • Providing a referral list of trusted movers
  • Setting up your new home
  • Working closely with family members, attorneys and estate managers
  • We coordinate with caregivers before, during and after the move as directed.

This is a big step. Good Moves, Inc. ™ provides professional, compassionate service while it manages all or part of the move for you.